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[AD] HelloFresh Review

Hello Fresh Review

We had fallen into the trap of cooking the same meals every week; our tried and trusted favourite recipes over and over again.  We definitely lacked inspiration to try out new recipes and were certainly stuck in a cooking rut.  HelloFresh got in touch and asked us to review their food delivery service; it sounded great as we would receive weekly recipe cards to follow and all of the ingredients needed to make the meals would be delivered fresh to our door – what more could we want!  The only things we were expected to have in were basic cooking oils, salt and pepper!

Is HelloFresh Food Good Quality?

I was really impressed with the quality of food supplied by HelloFresh.  We usually do our grocery shop at what I guess you would consider a budget food supermarket (Aldi) with the exception of some meats which we buy either fresh from Foxholes Farm, our local butcher or Tesco/Sainsbury’s.  The quality of the meat from HelloFresh was amazing, it was melt in the mouth with very little fat and not packed out with water like you can get with cheaper cuts of meat.  The fruit and veg were also very good quality.

How fresh would the food be?

During the two week trial I had 2 boxes delivered; they were packed to perfection and the items that required refrigeration were specially packed in long lasting cool packs and then wrapped in a large brown envelope.   The meat, dairy and other perishables all had a long shelf life; generally had about 5- 7 days.

What would happen if I wasn’t home for the delivery?

Somehow, despite being told the date of delivery, I managed to be out both times a box was delivered! On the first occasion I came home and found the box on the doorstep, on the second occasion it had been left with a neighbour. On both occasions the chilled foods were kept cold; it was like they had been kept in a little fridge.

Are the recipes easy to follow?

The recipes themselves were really easy to follow; they give you a time the recipe will take on the bottom and a list of ingredients at the top. The ingredients list even had a photo of each item; which came in handy a couple of times as I wasn’t sure what a Ginger or a couple of other things actually looked like!

The recipes were varied and nothing like the things I would usually cook. It was nice to be able to cook something different and they were all relatively easy to prepare and cook. There were always plenty of vegetables so that was a big step towards the 5 a day!

Are the portion sizes big enough?

The portion sizes were perfect for us and as the foods were packed with a mixture of meat, carbs and vegetables they were all really filling, we were really stuffed after each meal!

Would I use HelloFresh again?

I really enjoyed trying out new recipes; we enjoyed most of them – there was just one meal Mike wasn’t keen on (but I loved) and one I wasn’t keen on (but that was Mike’s favourite of the whole trial!).  Lily ate them really well and she is usually fussy; it definitely encouraged her to try more things.  I also noticed some other benefits during the trial that I wasn’t expecting like clearer skin and shinier hair – must have been all the fruit and veg!  The meals did take a little longer to prepare than our usual mid week quick dinners so I would do the 3 x per week option rather than 4.

Disclosure: We were provided with our HelloFresh trial free in exchange for this honest review.


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