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[AD] How to decorate your rented home

If you’re renting, the ability to create a home that’s your own and trying to save for a deposit can feel a little bit like a juggling act. Most landlords are quite specific when it comes to changing any aspect of their property – despite the fact you’re probably paying a large amount each month to call it your home.

So, what can you do to add a splash of your own personality to your home? Well, here you’ll find some helpful ideas of how you can turn your landlords magnolia dream into your very own personal palace.

Introduce some colour

Many rented properties are like blank canvases, with lots of creams and magnolias in every room. Your landlord might not approve of you painting walls or even hanging wallpaper, but that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce a bit of colour! Even an inexpensive skirting board like this can be painted (with your landlords permission) to give a living room, hallway or bedroom some edge. Consider framing your photos in brightly coloured frames. If you have indoor plants – house them in brightly coloured plant pots! If wall paper is a big no-no then try hanging some off a couple of wooden boards and stand them behind the sofa. Consider painting a door or try painting a door frame a subtle colour instead.

Your furnishings

If you’re living in a property that’s unfurnished, then why not let YOUR furnishings do the talking for you? A few statement pieces per room is the perfect way to let everyone know that this is YOUR home and you’re putting YOUR stamp on it. A brightly coloured sofa with contrasting cushions, a large, oversized floor lamp or vibrantly coloured bookcase. If you’re an avid art fan then you could adorn the walls with works by your favourite artist – if you’re worried about putting holes in the walls, don’t be! You can now buy adhesive strips which will help you hang up artwork/photographs without loosing your deposit in the process.

Bring nature indoors

It’s been scientifically proven that surrounding yourself with nature, lowers your stress levels, releases tension and lowers your heart rate too. So, bringing nature indoors is a sure fire way to not only add a little personality to your home but also add a little wellness to your life too. You know how good fresh flowers look when they’re on display? Well you’ll feel exactly the same about your new, leafy indoor plant.

Don’t forget your bedding

Think of your bedding like carpet. If it looks good, looks fresh, crisp and inviting then everything else in the room will follow. It’s time to get rid of that old duvet and it’s cover. Treat yourself to some new pillows, and a duvet – as well as a linen set that will express your personality and make the urge to nap and sleep even greater! You can easily create your very own bedroom sanctuary with good bedding, throw pillows and a matching blanket or two.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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