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Space Rocket

This month the Bostik Blogger craft theme is Space.  Miss H decided she wanted to make Grampy Rabbits Space Rocket.  I thought that the only way to make a space rocket was to try and make it fly and we set off to work.

Here is how we did it:



Bostik Glue Dots



Bird Shapes


Lollipop Stick



1. First we rolled the paper into a tube shape and put some glue dots  along the edge to stick the tube shape down:

2. Next Miss H wanted to make the sun, so we took some blue paper and she stick lollipop sticks down with the glue dots:

3.  We then cut some paper into a triangle and put some glue dots on to the end to attach it to the top of the rocket:

We placed a peg on top for full rocket effect!
4. Next we used some glue dots to stick a gem on to be the rocket window and we cut some paper and used glue dots to stick it down to make a rocket door:

Miss H also decided to draw some lines just like on grampy rabbits Space rocket:

5. Next we stuck some ribbon to the bottom of the sky and to the back of the space rocket; his way we could make our rocket fly!

6. We stuck some birds on to the ribbon with glue dots so we could get the full flight experience!

7.  Lastly we put a hole in the top of the paper and put a pipe cleaner through the hole so we could hang up the sky and make our rocket fly!

Here is our space rocket:


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