[AD] How To Plan A Mom Friendly Hen Do

How To Plan A Mom Friendly Hen Do

If you’re the maid of honour looking to organise a hen do for your bride friend, then you’re definitely browsing and reading a lot of hen party articles and blogs. Coming up with ideas on how to throw a beautiful hen do for your best friend, can be a tough task, especially when you want to invite the mother of the bride, sister of the groom and a couple of other elder women, who might not care too much for the usual stripper and drinking hen parties.

How To Plan A Mom Friendly Hen Do

Throwing a mother friendly hen party is not that hard, but yes it can be less fun if you don’t know how exactly to throw one. Here are some hen do ideas to help you throw an amazing hen do which your bride friend along with her mother, mother in law and sister in law can enjoy.

  1. Pampering Day

Book a luxurious spa or salon and take the entire hen gang out for a day of pampering their skin and bodies. You can get matching, bachelorette slippers, dressing gowns and eye masks, which will make for some great props for the hen do. You can also get some champagne and wine to enjoy with all the ladies. The aim is to not get drunk and pass out, but there’s no harm in enjoying a glass or two of the bubbly.

If messages are not the first choice for the bride on her hen do, then you can also opt for a day at the salon, getting your nails and hair done by professionals. A day spent getting manicures and pedicures while gossiping with the girl gang is a great way to celebrate the last lap of the bride’s singlehood.

  1. Movie and Dinner

You can plan to watch a nice movie with some drinks at home or go to the cinemas. If you can manage to put up a nice projector and home theatre system, put up some lights and decoration, along with some drinks for everyone, it could make for a very cute hen do. End the day with a full course meal at the bride’s favourite restaurant. Every member of the hen gang will be able to enjoy the movie, bond over some drinks and then end the night with a delicious dinner. Nothing can go wrong with a movie, drinks and dinner hen do. It’s mature, it’s fun and it’s mom friendly.

  1. Afternoon High Tea

Book a luxury hotel for a session of cakes and high tea. If you want to make it alcoholic, ask them to stock up on some wines and champagne. Take your friends and mums out for some great tea, cookies, cakes and other snacks while all you girls sit around, sip on wine and champagne, gossiping, giggling and bidding adieu to the bride’s single life.


Take the hen night celebration a notch up with live performances or entertainment shows. You can easily go to a comedy club for a comedy show with the mother and in fact you all might just enjoy the laughing more than missing a strip show.

If comedy is not your taste, then go for a live music performance, maybe something like a jazz show or a piano recital which you can end with a nice dinner, adding some drinks to it of course, to celebrate.

  1. Travel

Travelling is the best idea for a hen do. Take a trip to the bride’s hometown or maybe just explore a city which is new for everyone. Travelling will bring the entire hen gang closer and you’ll all enjoy visiting a new place. You can try out the local cuisine, visit the museums, tourist attractions and do much more. You can include a night of drinking and then end with a nice session of showering the bride with gifts or playing some hen night games.


The aim of the hen night, whether with mothers or not, is to make the bride feel special and have a good time with her before she says I do. Strippers and all night drinking are not the only ways to ensure that your bride feels special and is celebrated. You can make her feel special with big and small gestures. Just ensure that her hen do is made up of things she loves, and which bride doesn’t love her mother? So get planning for a mother friendly hen do and you can expect the mother to be teary eyed for receiving a hen do invitation.

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