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[AD] How To Save Energy At Home | Money Saving Tips

Could you save over £300 a year with LED lighting?

Recently I have been trying to be more environmentally conscious; I’m not saying I’ve gone 100% Eco and Green because that simply isn’t true. I have realised that every little helps and my family are as responsible as everyone else for this planet and that there were changes we could make that would help.

Image of a Light Bulb to demonstrate that this blog post is about How To Save Energy At Home

I expected that making these changes would, in most cases, have a cost implication. Wooden toys tend to cost more than their plastic counter parts. The bottles of milk from our milkman cost more than the cheap plastic supermarket bottles of milk for example.

However, not all Eco and environmentally friendly swaps hit you in the pocket; some actually save you money! I recently investigated into the option of changing the light bulbs in our home to LED. Yes this would mean an immediate investment in LED Lighting now, but the future rewards were more than worth it.

I used an online calculator to work out how much energy cost we could save by switching to LED bulbs. The calculator came back with a £150 per year saving. This is huge money. Year on year! Essentially £150 is the equivalent to one child’s Christmas presents paid for or their birthday presents paid for or even a little mini spa break for us parents to recharge our batteries.

Think about the saving that you could make by switching to LED lighting within your home & instead of just seeing that figure and then getting distracted by the kids or the TV or whatever else if going on around you, think about what that money would mean to your family.

How would you spend that annual bonus? Obviously it’s not going to land on your doorstep in the form of a cheque once a year, but it will be there – staying in your account month after month instead of being paid to your energy supplier. Why not set up a special savings account just for the amount saving that this has given you & use I to pay for whatever treat it is that you imagined earlier.

Let me know what the calculator says that you and your family would save and what annual treat you would put it towards!

Happy Saving!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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