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Hyperemesis Gravidarum – My Story!

23rd September 2014

I was not expecting to get Hyperemesis Gravidarum when I got pregnant!  I started being sick around week 6 and finally fading around week 20!

Hyperemesis Gravidarum:

Pretty early on I realised that this was no ordinary ‘morning sickness’. The relentless vomiting would not stop and I tried everything; dry crackers, ginger, sour ice lollies, sea sickness bands & any other old wives tales I could get my hands on, but nothing put an end to it.  For 3 solid weeks I could not work.  I could not keep any food down, even watching an advert on tv that showed food made me vomit once! It got to the point where I didn’t want to eat – I didn’t see the point as it was going to come back up anyway!

I ended up not being able to keep water down & that’s when my loving fiancé & my mum dragged me off to A&E.  The hospital decided to keep me in.  I spent the night having several rehydration drips.  Due to severe dehydration I had ++++ketones in my urine.  This meant that my fat stores we depleted and my body began to eat itself).

The hospital have me cyclizine injections and that made the sickness subside. I was allowed home & given cyclizine to take 3 x per day – initially they didn’t stop the sickness altogether but made it a more ‘normal’ level of sickness enabling at least to work again. By week 20 the extreme sickness from Hyperemesis Gravidarum had completely gone & then I made up for lost time & finally began eating for two!

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  1. Oh gosh this brings back memories. With my first it lasted until 26 weeks and then with each pregnancy it got worse. The irony was that prior to pregnancy i could count on one hand the number of times i could remember being sick. Thanks for raising awareness via #sharewithme

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