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Living Arrows | Miss H Starts Nursery

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”.

By Kahill Gibran

Last week we had a monumental moment in our lives; Miss H’s first day at nursery.  She was very excited beforehand as you can see in this picture:

She was also happy going in so I was positive that she was going to enjoy it, we had prepared her a lot at home, however when I picked her up she was sobbing.

She had another settling in session the next day and again she was excited and happy before hand, but this time cried the whole session.

I am hoping for a tear free week at nursery this week for her, hate seeing my beautiful girl cry.

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Living Arrows
  1. She was happy at the idea of it at home; it was a very different story when we got there bless her, hopefully she will settle soon! How is son settling? X

  2. Oh no, I was hoping it would settle soon! She’s always excited in the morning and it kind of just dawns on her outside the nursery door that I don’t stay and that’s when she cries! Hopefully they both stop the tears soon for both our sakes 🙂 X

  3. Oh poor girl – she looks so happy here too. My son has been going to nursery for two years now (he’s 3) and he still cries when he gets dropped off sometimes. I hope she settles soon, for both of you. #LivingArrows

  4. We had even more tears on Monday ? so I went back in, settled her and said just popping to the pram, left for 2 mins and she played then we set a time for 5 mins and she played; she is so clingy I know it would be hard x

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