[AD] Making The Transition From The Office To Working At Home

When you’re raising a family you might decide that working a full time job is too much for you and it doesn’t fit in with your busy family life. But if you don’t want to give up on working completely, working from home might be the best choice. If you speak with your boss, they might be able to work something out so you can do your job from home instead of at the office. If that’s not an option then you could start looking for other jobs that you can do from home. Making that transition from the office to working from home is often difficult and if you don’t adjust properly, your work will suffer. Here’s how to make the transition a lot smoother.


Bring Everything You Need

It’s really going to disrupt your work if you keep having to go back and forth to the office to pick up stuff that you need. Before you make the move, make a list of everything that you might need and get an office removal company to bring it all over for you. Remember to take everything from your desk and your office computer if your boss is letting you use it. You also need to bring along any paper files that you might need, otherwise, you won’t get any work done because half of the day will be spent driving to the office and back.

Set Up A Workspace

The biggest mistake that people make when they’re working from home is that they don’t set up a proper workspace. If you sit in the lounge on the sofa with the laptop and the TV on in the background, you’re not going to be in the right frame of mind to work. You’ll get some stuff done but you won’t be working anywhere nearly as efficiently as you should be. Just because you’re working from home, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat it like an office. Set up an office space with a desk and no distractions and you’ll find that you work so much harder.

Set Work Hours

The other major mistake people make is not working as many hours as they would do. Without a boss there to make sure you get in at 9 and stay until 5, it’s easy to start working fewer hours every day. The easiest way to stop that from happening and make sure you’re working a full day every day is to set yourself a schedule that’s the same as the one you had at the office. Work a full 8 hours with an hour for lunch, you’ll find that you get a lot more done.

Keep In Touch With The Office

When you start working from home, it’s easy to start feeling isolated and a little out of the loop. There’s also the danger that you won’t know about changes in the company which might affect your work. If you’re going to carry on working efficiently from home, you need to keep in regular contact with your boss and your coworkers.

Making the transition from office to working at home can be difficult but if you follow these rules, you should be fine.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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