[AD] Making your Living Room Cosy, Best Ways To Create A Stunning Yet Relaxing Living Room

Although summer is great, you can’t beat waking up to a crisp morning and the trees losing their leaves. A sign that autumn and winter months are about to descend upon you. There something about these months that makes us all feel the need to be cosy and warm.  There isn’t a better feeling than tucking up under the blanket on the sofa, flicking through your Netflix account to find the latest releases. It can be extremely important to get have a space where you can be relaxed, warm and easily unwind after a stressful day. This is where the design of your space can make a huge difference.

Use Deep & Rich Colours

Deep rich colours

Strong and bold colours will help to make your room warm and welcoming at any time of year. Deep blues and shades of copper can really help to give your room the right mood.  Whether you choose to paint your walls or use wallpaper to get the right colour within your space, it should make you feel happy.  A teal wallpaper can can really help to bring a sense of warmth and invitation into your room.  Which is exactly what you want after a hard long day out of the house. You may want to go with a copper wallpaper instead, bringing the autumn leaf colour into your home. With a great natural effect and a metallic wallpaper which will work brilliantly with your lighting.
If you are wanting a deeper blue, then you should take a look at a number of deep blues available on the market. These blues often work extremely well with wood window blinds and flooring.

Stripy Wallpaper Can Create A More Intimate Setting

Stripey Wallpaper

So, a great tip for making your living room cosy is to use horizontal striped wallpaper to help give a more intimate feeling to your room. Whilst you may be able to use vertical striped wallpaper to help give the illusion of the room looking longer, horizontal stripes will help to give you the feeling of comfort and homeliness. It is one of the best ways to create a cosy setting and help prevent the room from looking bare.

Bring The Outdoors Inside


If you were asked to picture your perfect living room, we are fairly confident in the fact that you would have wood featured in there. There is simply no better feeling of being snug than in autumn and winter, having that open log burner going.  Although if you are don’t have a log burner in your living room, then you can still make the same type of feeling by adding in quality wood blinds, furniture and accessories. You don’t have to live in a country cottage in order for a wooden theme to work within your living room.  It is a stunning and timeless look that anyone is able to create. Adding some silver accessories will help to give a nice grey tone which is often associated with a soothing feel. It’s like the silver products were made to pair perfectly with rustic wooden floors and furniture.

Set The Right Lighting


When you’re sitting in your living room on a dark winter night, perhaps unwinding by having a glass of red or a warm hot chocolate, whatever you’re having you need to ensure that the lighting in your room is just right. It really can help make a big difference in the mood of your room.  Having a dimmer light in your living room is always a great idea, as you can set the lights low and allow for a subtle glow throughout your room. Having the right light can help to give you the homely atmosphere you are trying to create.

Wall Art Can Make You Feel Cosy?

cosy sofa

So, you’ve painted or wallpapered your walls, chosen the colours and patterns which you think look great. You’ve even managed to create the right lighting within your living room.  Everything seems to be in place to create a cosy living room but you feel that there is still something missing.

Often times it is the small finishes that will help to give your living room the personal feeling.  This where you can add in beautiful prints and family photos to give that ‘homely’ feel.  As summer starts to slowly become a distant memory, it’s time to focus on making the ideal cosy living room space to spend those cold autumn and winter months in. Hopefully this post has helped you to achieve this and you can enjoy your nights in snuggled on the sofa!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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