Me & Mine Project | October 

Me & Mine Project

I love the Me & Mine Project! The idea is that you take a whole family photo every month!  I love looking at all the other beautiful photos on the Me & Mine Project – they are usually beautifully set in nature, framed with a stunning backdrop, taken with a tripod & everyone is posing nicely; my family photos are always a little different!  Mr & Miss H are both far too full of energy and fun to stand in front of a camera and pose (me? I could stand there all day smiling and posing ?).

Here’s our October highlights and our ever so natural, usually taken on the run but I love them all the more for it, photos:

  • Mrs H Started a new job!
  • Mr H started the indoor bowls season
  • We all had fun at Bear Grylls in Trent Park
  • We all had fun at Chickenshed Theatre for a friends Birthday Party
  • Miss H went the seaside with Nanny & Auntie
  • Miss H went the theatre with Nanny & Auntie
  • Mr & Mrs H went to a quiz night – we lost but had fun anyway!
  • Miss H enjoyed Halloween crafts with her friend

  1. sounds like a lovely month lovely photos, sometimes the more candid ones are the best ones… I usually get really stressed on the days I have the tripod out because its impossible to get everyone to look. xx

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