My Blogging Journey!


I have had my blog for nearly 3 years and yet I only started ‘blogging’ in May this year! Up until May, my posting schedule was once every 3 months, I ambled along with no real direction, ambition or purpose; my site was just a mish mash of random reviews of items I had purchased or packing lists! In May this year I decided to try and make a bit of a go of my blog and I had remembered stumbling across a really good website for blogging tips (YouBabyMeMummy) so I headed over to YouBabyMummy and set about rebranding & relaunching my blog! I have to say that in the last few months YouBabyMeMummy, run by the super organised, helpful & friendly blogger Aby, has become my blogging bible!

I also discovered the UK parent bloggers group run by Donna (WhatTheRedheadSaid) & Dave (TheDadventurer); this has also been a real turning point in my blogging as I’ve gone from being a solo blogger to being part of a very big, friendly, welcoming & supportive parent blogger community. Donna kept hammering home the point that bloggers should be paid for their work and my DA (which I had never heard of before May) was increasing nicely so in November I took the plunge and started replaying to PR emails saying “…I usually charge for content placement…” and, as I predicted, it happened…I got knock back after knock back! A whole weeks worth BUT then came a turning point, someone said yes! Someone valued my new rebranded, relaunched site and wanted to pay for content! I was jumping up and down quite literally!

My journey to making those first few pounds was 100% due to Donna hammering the point home & Aby’s blogging tips which helped me to get Happy Mummy to a point where I was actually able to pitch for budget.

In July Aby posted about her mid year blog Goals review at the end of the post Aby asks “Did you set yourself any blogging goals for this year?” and I thought no, but I will!   I set about creating some goals and put effort into trying to achieve them. I have shared my goals below & I cannot tell you how much I have benefited from having a clear plan!

My Blogging Goals July to December 2016:

* 300 Followers on Facebook (nearly at 500)

* 300 Followers on Pinterest

* 10,000 Followers on Twitter (9,509 at the moment so still a lot to do!)

* 5,000 Followers on Instagram (I am nearly at 4,500 so this doesn’t look likely!)

* Tots100 Top 500 (achieved 196)

* DA: 22 (achieved 25)

* PA: 22 (achieved 35)

* Klout score 60 (achieved 64)

I am so pleased at where Happy Mummy is now and am already setting my Blogging Goals for January to March (I will of course share them once they are finalised!). Thank you Aby for creating my blogging bible & Donna for really hammering the point home about bloggers valuing themselves!

With January looming closely around the corner what better time is there for you to set some blogging goals?

  1. Well done, it’s nice when all your hard work pays off. Your blog looks great and I hope you continue achieving your goals. I really need to set myself some, with January round the corner it’s a great time to make a new start. #TheList

  2. You Baby Me Mummy is my blogging bible too! It sounds like you’re doing great things with your blog, and well done for being brave enough to start working with brands. It’s AMAZING that you’re #196 in the Tots 100! That’s a real achievement. I started blogging in May too, although I didn’t do much with it until about August time so I’m quite a way behind you. #TheListLinky

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