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My Charm Story

Charm bracelet

A few weeks ago Donna from What The Redhead Said wrote a lovely post about her Charm Story and tagged me to do the same!

My mum bought me my gorgeous Chamilia charm bracelet as a keepsake present for my 30th Birthday.  Each charm tells its own little story:

  • My mum bought the stunning 2 crystal charms  and the beautiful dangling Chamilia heart charm as part of my 30th Birthday present.
  • On my wedding day my husband had sent my bridesmaid a gift for me to open; Mr H had sent me two amazing charms for my bracelet that were absolutely perfect for my wedding day; the first says ‘today, tomorrow, forever’ and the second says the word ‘forever’ and has a beautiful little stone in it 🙂
  • My cousin bought me the gorgeous pram charm for my birthday; it was 8 days before I gave birth to Miss H 🙂
  • My mum bought me the cute little duck charm because I absolutely love ducks, I can’t help but laugh when I hear ducks quacking; it just sounds like their laughing and gives me the giggle too!
  • My parents in law bought me the Dalmatian charm for Christmas the year I had Miss H; also the year we bought Miss H her first Disney film 🙂
  • My parents in law bought me the rose charm, Rose is my favourite flower and was the flower I chose for my wedding bouquet.
  • I bought the teddy charm for myself when I found out I was pregnant 🙂
  • My mum bought me the birthday cake charm on my 31st birthday.
  • My step brother and sister in law bought me the Breast Cancer Awareness charm on my 31st birthday, it’s a cause that’s very important to us & this charm also serves as a helpful reminder to do my breast examination in case I ever forget that month.

I now tag Clare, Jenni & Mim.  I look forward to reading your Charm Stories 🙂


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