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My Favourite Animal


My animal my favourite animal used to be Dolphins!  They are such a playful, caring animal!
Once I started horse riding though, this completely changed; I loved if so much that horses became Favourite!

A few years later I started working in an office that was the other side of a duck pond so I had to walk across the bridge everyday. Every time I did that walk the ducks started furiously quacking and it sounded like they were laughing at me ? It used to crack me up and so ducks became my favourite!

Recently though, I have changed again. After many visits to zoos in recent years my favourites have become a really close tie between the Giraffes & the Elephants! We love going to Colchester Zoo because you can feed them both 🙂

  1. I love dolphins they are soo intelligent! Giraffes freak me out though, they have really furry tongues LOL

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