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My Favourite TV Shows


I am going to break this down by genre to make it a little easier:


Only Fools and Horses has been a log standing Favourite TV show of mine; it doesn’t matter how many times I see Rodney join the Groovy Gang I always go hysterical!


I am really enjoying the Great British Bake Off; I am a few behind so no spoilers please!


The standout TV drama for me is Broadchurch; it is always so gripping!

I feel like I should have a category for Soaps, but I have never been an Emmerdale fan, I used to watch Easternders until the whole Bobby Beale murdered Lucy (too ridiculous for words) and I used to love Coronation Street but I cannot abide Phelan; the actor is brilliant it’s nothing against his acting it’s the character itself I cannot abide and it’s put me off the whole show!

What’s your favourite programme?


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