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[AD] My Top 5 Holiday Essentials for a Toddler!

Holiday Essentials for a toddler

1. By the far the best thing we took on holiday for Miss H was the Amazon Kindle Fire.   At just £49.99 it provided hours of entertainment on the plane, in the airport, in the hotel room and out at dinner. I cannot recommend this highly enough if you are travelling with a toddler!  I honestly can’t believe the price difference between this and the iPad mini; we have 2 kindle fires between 3 of us and we all absolutely love them!
2. Boots Soltan Once 6 Hour Sun Protection 3 Hour Water Protection sunscreen Factor 50 was an absolute god send! Getting sun cream on a toddler is not an easy task so having one that protects for such a long period of time is vital; we found that once really was enough too. Miss H suffers from Eczema and this cream did not cause any rashes so that was another reason for recommending!

3. The Original Konfidence Children’s Swim Jacket is another must have item.  My toddler has swimming lessons but is not fully able to swim yet, with this on she had confidence in the little toddler pool to run around; the one time she did lose her footing and go under she was back up and swimming by the time I made the one step to her to pick her up – fantastic device! We used this all of the time when Miss H was in the toddler pool. I particularly loved the fact that it had factor 50 sun protection. In addition it also has a trademark bright yellow back meaning that you could easily spot your child if the worst did happen and they did fall in.

4. Next on my list of must haves is a Mountain Warehouse Swim Suit and Mountain Warehouse Legionnaire Kids Swim Quick Dry UV Protection Cap Having the extra protection from the sun’s harmful rays in the swim suit as well as the hat for me was an absolutely MUST; I saw so many toddlers on holiday with red raw shoulders; these costumes protect that delicate little area. Miss H has eczema and is always prone to rashes, the anti-rash protection in the Mountain Warehouse range is amazing as Miss H never got 1 rash!

5. These Clarks Doodles for me were a fabulous buy for holiday; They could be worn around the pool to prevent falls into the water as they have a fab grip, they could be worn on the sand and easily washed and dried afterwards (they only take an hour for me to dry in the UK!). I saw so many toddlers wearing these; they come in a fantastic variety of designs and colours and can also be worn in the sea or pool if required.

Disclaimer: The Konfidence swim vest, Mountain Warehouse Swimsuit and Hat were all provided to me free of charge to review, however all of the opinions are my own honest ones.

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  1. A fantastic list and great choice of products. We are yet to take our little ones on holiday yet. But when we have been out to the beach or wherever, they are always pretty covered up and smothered in suncream!

  2. I’ve still not braved a holiday with my 2 little ones, this is a great list though, when I build up the courage, I will be looking back at this for reference! Lol! Thanks for posting xx

  3. It took me 10 hours ( I kid you not ) to pack 2 suitcase for a 10 month old & 4 yr old + 2 adults . The Konfidence jackets are a must and we took a similar one plus spare armbands. Clarks Doodles are just too cute.

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  5. It takes nearly a whole year to organise a family holiday abroad. I was buying clothes every week up until now.
    I think I have everything now. I bought two sim suit for the littlest one. I only have one protection swim top for my nearly 4 year old and bought swim arm bands instead of a swim jacket. I am planning to buy one of those boats he can sit on over there. #thelist

  6. I agree with you list. Entertainment is key when you are travelling with kids (Kindle or Ipad). We have a mini Ipad at home but we also got a Kindle which we have not used yet. The clothing with UV Protection are important. Also applying once a day suncream is very practical. We bought in on our last holidays Banana Boat SPF50+ Spray which was fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing this list at #KCACOLS. It is great to have you for the first time. I hope that you like it, 🙂 x

  7. This is a great list and I especially appreciate the tip about the sunscreen. I go to the beach next week and have a redheaded toddler. I have also ought myself many episodes of mickey mouse clubhouse to keep him occupied. #KCACOLS

  8. Great post! We’ve taken our toddler on one holiday so far and I’d definitely agree with the Kindle Fire (although its an iPad in our house!) and the suncream. The other items we have tried and will definitely have to check out for our summer holiday this year! Emily #KCACOLS

  9. Yes totally agree with everything on your list. We have that exact jacket, I always out on sultan sun lotion and a UV swimsuit and hat and doodles are my favourite. Thanks for linking to #picknmix x

  10. Looks awesome. I definitely want to get swim wear for my baby when’s he born. And I never understand why people let their kids burn like that. Poor babas. #kcacols

  11. I had exactly the same fear with a lily around the water; I think when they have the Konfidence vest on it just gives you that extra feel of security x

  12. These truly are some great products. Now that my son is running around, and finding his independence, I am so scared to bring him around the water. He literally has no fear, so I’m terrified for the both of us haha! Keeping him safe around the water is one of my biggest concerns, and I think some of the things you’ve listed could really help with that. Thanks for sharing! <3 #KCACOLS

  13. There are some great products here. I love the Clarks doodles. We have just discovered Mountain Warehouse through a friend and have been very impressed with their kids clothes. Looks like you had a great holiday made a bit easier with some fab products. Thanks for sharing #PuddingLove

  14. Such a brilliant list, and I can see how useful all these items would be with a toddler! We took our 10 month old to Spain last week, and it was pretty tricky putting sun-tan lotion onto a baby, so I can completely understand the need to buy suntan lotion that doesn’t need to be applied so often. I’m also a big fan of the Konfidence swim range, we used the baby warmer for swimming lessons, but I could have done with one for holiday as the pool was a little too cold for our little one. A brilliant list, that I hope helps a lot of parents. Thanks so much for joining us at #fortheloveofBLOG this week. Claire x

  15. Some great suggestions here. I like the look of the Clarks Doodles…although my daughter absolutely adores her Crocs! I think it is so important to have an all in one swimsuit and the legionnaire hats are fab. #citytripping

  16. The Konfidence swim jacket sounds great. My little girl can’t quite swim yet but don’t like arms bands so this could be perfect – will have to check them out. #citytripping

  17. I completely agree with your list – we have everything or similar: once a day sunscreen makes it so much easier with little ones, and I’ve bought Clarks Doodles each time she’s grown out of a pair. The only drawback with the Amazon Fire is I can’t get it to play CBeebies any more, although that does mean I get to read my own books on it again! #citytripping

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