My Top Tips for Stess Free  Potty Training!

When Miss H turned 18 months I started to think about Potty Training; we bought a potty, a travel potty & took Miss H out shopping for big girl knickers.  We also bought a potty for her doll.

We were in the process of moving house so we didn’t really plan on starting the training yet but wanted to be ready and prepared and introduce Miss H to the idea ahead of time.

I left the potty out in the living room and showed Miss H her doll using it (I did also tip some water in the potty beforehand for full effect!).  The doll then was given a tiny piece of a chocolate button as a well done.  Miss H immediately decided she wanted to try, so I sat her on the potty and miraculously she did a wee! So just like the doll she got a small piece of chocolate button (not a whole one just a tiny piece of one!).  We also made up a little song and dance and did it every time she went on the potty!

I left both her dolls potty and hers in the living room and occasionally from that day she wanted to use it, but her doll used her daily!

At 22 months Miss H just woke up one day and said “no nappy”.  I had read a lot of books about potty training and how you could train in 3 days; mainly by staying in everyday, we had a busy week planned and I didn’t want Miss H at home bored, but also didn’t want to curb her enthusiasm, so I said no problem you can wear your knickers today and tell mummy when you want a wee.  As we were going out I put a pull up training pant over the top of her knickers.

I made sure I took Miss H to the toilet every 30 minutes, but nonetheless we had a few accidents, the beauty of putting the training pants over the knickers was that Miss H could feel when she had an accident but we were still able to go out and about and I didn’t have a ton of trousers to wash just knickers!  Don’t worry about the accidents they are bound to happen and don’t tell your child off for them; they truly can’t help it they are learning – you would not have dreamed of telling them off when they fell over while learning to walk!

Over time, I noticed that the time between Miss H’s toilet breaks was increasing and after a few weeks we also got to the point where there were very few accidents!

Eventually we had a week with no accidents so I decided to take the plunge and remove the training pants; since then Miss H has had 2 accidents in 3 months! Not bad going at all.

I know there is a lot of hype and pressure to Potty Train in 3 days but toddlers are little free spirits with bundles of energy and I could not face the idea of holding one captive for three days!!

If you are looking for a stress free approach to potty training then I cannot recommend the Happy Mummy approach enough:

  • Buy a Potty, Travel Potty, knickers and training pants plus a dolls potty.
  • Introduce the idea of Potty Training ahead of starting.
  • Make a huge big deal of it when your child does a wee on the Potty.
  • Put training pants on over knickers to minimise mess from accidents.
  • Take your time.

If you are looking to purchase a travel potty I recommend Potette.

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