Our Playroom Design!

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We moved into our new 3 bedroom house in February; we wanted Miss H to have a playroom, but we also wanted to be able to use the spare bedroom as a guest room. The bedroom was painted quite a dull blue having previously been occupied by a teenage boy; we wanted to make it look more like a child’s playroom but didn’t want to redecorate yet (we figured that in a year or so Miss H will have her own ideas as to how she wants the room to look so we might as well wait until then!). As an interim solution I found some amazing (and very cheap) wall stickers on Amazon and decided to go with a jungle theme.  We hope you like our Playroom Design!

Our Playroom Design:

We bought a sofa that Miss H could use for Reading but would also double up as a spare double guest bed:


We wanted Miss H to have lots of different activity stations already set up; I’m not really into having toy storage in a play area; I’d rather Miss H can see them all and go from one thing to another than keep having to put toys in and out of boxes!! It also makes for a really quick space to tidy!!

In one corner, next to the sofa, Miss H has her book shelf and her Arts and Crafts/Stickers box:


Then she has her beloved Kitchen/Shop and Play Food Box:


Then she has her Brick Table, Table & Chairs and then next to that is all her ‘little things’ her Happyland, Peppa Pig Constructions Sets and Accessories etc 🙂


I am really pleased with how it turned out and the main thing is Miss H loves it 🙂 So there you have it a storage free & very well used playroom!  What do you think of our playroom design?

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Playroom Design, Playroom Storage, Playroom with no storage, Playroom with room to play, space to play in playroom, playroom

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  1. How I wish we had a playroom ….. and this is so tidy! #homeetc

  2. It looks lovely! I do like areas without storage, it’s so much easier for kids to find everything and spot what they want to play with straight away. Our only problem is we have accumulated too many toys for the boys, I keep trying to convince them to put some away! Thanks so much for linking up to #HowtoSunday x

  3. @happymummy says:

    Thank you, we do have storage ottomans in the lounge – but they double up as a window seat so I love them!! I also leave her dolls and their accessories ie pram, high chair, car seat in a corner of the lounge and shes got half the decking in the garden too 🙂 x

  4. @happymummy says:

    Thanks, its the first time I’ve ever been called tidy! I think most people find it messy because its not all stored away!! Don’t worry my two year old trashes it in minutes but she picks it all up before bedtime bless her x

  5. What a fabulous space and SO TIDY!! It wouldn’t stay like that for two minutes in our house — the twins are like whirlwinds. When they were babies it was much easier to keep things tidy but now they’re three they can ransack a room in minutes!! I NEEEEED a dedicated playroom so we can shut the door on it all!!!! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂 Caro x

  6. Great ideas and it is so nice to have a space (any space) that the children can have as their own and not to mess up a shared room. Lovely toys. Thanks for linking up #HomeEtc xx

  7. @happymummy says:

    Thanks Sarah, it’s definitely Lilys favourite room in the house!! I do find it a much easier space for her to play in without having boxes for everything!

  8. Great ideas for a playroom, and love that it doesn\’t have that \’everything has to be put away approach\’ – I think that\’s a really healthy approach to playing 🙂

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