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[AD] 6 Tactics For Positive Living | Positively Present

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Thank you to Dani DiPirro from Positively Present for this wonderful and inspiring guest post. Dani has provided us with 6 Tactics for Positive Living. They are FREE, really easy to use and implement into your daily routine and could make a big difference to your life and those around you, so why not start now?

Most of us are well aware of the notion that positivity is a good thing, but most of us are also well aware that it’s much easier said than done ⎯ especially during difficult times. Positive thinking is a great place to start, but thinking positively doesn’t mean always acting positively. To life a positive life, one must

both think and act positively.

Living ⎯ and not just thinking ⎯ positively is no easy feat. Here are some of the best ways to take positive thinking and turn it into positive action.

1. Be openly grateful.

Most of us experience feelings of gratitude frequently, but how often do we share them with those we’re thankful for? Probably not as often as we’d like. Expressing your gratitude is one of the best ways to bring positivity into the real world. Tell people how much you appreciate them as often as you can. Hearing “thank you” never gets old.

2. Help someone see the positive.

How often do you encounter a friend, coworker, or relative who is moaning about how bad a situation is? While it’s important to sympathize with others and recognize the difficulty in whatever they are dealing with, it’s also just as important to help others see the positive. Try helping those around you see the good (and, yes, every situation has a bit of good in it).

3. Keep an open mind.

Open-mindedness is essential to positive living. Keeping your mind open to what others have to say (and to whatever you’re currently experiencing), allows you to at least be open to positive aspects of an idea or situation. The less your point of view is clouded by your beliefs, the more positivity you’ll experience.

4. Tell a positive story.

It’s okay to share difficult experiences with others. It’s important to get feedback, encouragement, and support. But what about all of the wonderful things we experience and see every day? Why don’t we start telling those stories? Make it a point to tell at least one positive story a day; not only will this lift others’ spirits, but it’ll keep you on the lookout for positivity.

5. Expect good things.

It might seem easier to expect the worst to avoid being let down. But the more positive expectations you out into the world, the more positive things come will come your way. What you expect, you often get. Instead of expecting the worst, try envisioning the best thing that could happen and see if you don’t start having a more positive experience.

6. Engage in positive activities.

One of the best things you can live a more positive life is engaging in activities that are positive. Doing the things you love and enjoy makes it so much easier to stay optimistic. Just as importantly, make an effort to avoid activities that bring you down. That way you’ll have more room for things that bring you up!

If you enjoyed this post about Positive Living, then I know you will LOVE Dani’s range of Diaries, which help to give you a gentle reminder to make Positive Living a part of your everyday life. I love my diary and its nice to have a daily reminder to do something positive for yourself.

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Positive Living, Positively Present, Positive Thinking, Positive Attitude, Positive Thoughts, The Power of positive thinking, diary, 2017 diary, positive diary, everyday matters diary


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