[AD] How to Prepare Your Greenhouse for Winter

How to prepare your greenhouse for winter

One of the most important tasks of the year to carry out when owning a greenhouse is preparing it for the change in seasons. Preparing your greenhouse will ensure that your future gardening is successful and your schedule flows smoothly. Winter is usually the most important season to prepare for, due to the colder conditions and unpredictable weather and getting prepared towards the end of autumn is always the best time, ready for the cold months ahead.

Remove Plants and Furniture

When it comes to preparing your greenhouse for winter you need to ensure that all of the plants that will not survive the colder conditions have been removed. This is to ensure that you don’t have any dead plants festering in your greenhouse that could potentially attract critters that could lay eggs or spread diseases to the other plants in your greenhouse. You then need to remove any furniture that you’ve had in your greenhouse such as tables, chairs and even greenhouse staging as the greenhouse needs to be as empty as you can get it.

Clean Up

Giving your greenhouse a thorough clean before closing it for the winter is really important. The last thing you want is to have anything decomposing or becoming stagnant in the greenhouse if it gets wet. Removing any dead plants or vegetation from your greenhouse will prevent any pests or diseases from entering. Having a good clean out will also ensure that your greenhouse is tidy and ready for you to begin again when spring arrives.

Wash it Down

Washing your greenhouse from top to bottom on both the inside and the out will ensure that no dirt or moss becomes stuck to your greenhouse over the winter. Whilst your greenhouse will gather dirt throughout the wintery months, you’re able to prevent the dirt from becoming uncleanable by removing as much as you can in autumn. Not only this, but you’ll give your greenhouse a fresh new look that adds character to your garden.

Inspect the Windows

Considering that your greenhouse is usually made up mainly of glass, it’s highly important to check the windows and panels are all in good condition before the winter comes. Even a slight crack in a glass pane can result in a whole broken section if the wind becomes to strong or snow were to settle and put too much weight on that particular section. If you see any areas that may be damaged, get them looked at and if needed, replace them to ensure your greenhouse survives the winter. This will also prevent any damp or leaking inside the greenhouse.

Turn off Electrics

For any electrics that aren’t being used throughout the winter, you need to ensure that they are switched off. You don’t want to waste money or electricity using power that is not needed. You also don’t want to have any accidents when the wet weather begins, as this can cause issues if your electricity is not switched off. If you need to use the electrics throughout winter, this won’t be an issue, just remember to switch them back off again once finished with.

Stock Up

Make a list of anything that you have run out of or are close to finishing so that you can purchase them and be well prepared when spring comes. Stocking up on items will ensure you have everything that you need and not have to worry in spring when the rush to buy new products comes.

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