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Real or Artificial Christmas Tree? | Christmas

Real or Artificial Christmas Tree?

Owning a flat for the past 9 years we always dreamed of how Christmas would be when we bought a house.  We imagined a real tree, the glow from a fire and the smells of Christmas wafting in from the kitchen.  I have no idea who was going to be doing this wonderful cooking it certainly wasn’t me!  The time has finally come, this year is our first Christmas in our new house and I now found myself debating whether to get a real or artificial Christmas Tree.

Real or Artificial Christmas Tree?

There are many advantages & disadvantages to both and this made the decision really tough!

Real Tree Advantages:

  • The smell of fresh pine needles
  • Real trees generally look nicer
  • A lower carbon footprint

Real Tree Disadvantages:

  • Getting it home in the car
  • It only lasts one year
  • Possibly allergenic for a family who all sneeze a lot around fresh flowers
  • Dropping needles

Artificial Tree Advantages:

  • You can order online for home delivery
  • Less allergenic
  • No needles dropping
  • Cost effective as it can be used year after year
  • Some are very realistic

Artificial Tree Disadvantages:

  • Less environmentally friendly
  • Can look really fake

The advantages of the artificial tree outweighed those of the real tree.  We have ordered an AMAZING Everlands 6ft Balsam Fir Christmas Tree from Van Hage. The delivery time is 2-4 days so we don’t have too long to wait before we can decorate it!  If you haven’t been to Van Hage then I certainly recommend popping along, you cannot beat it at this time of year.  I took this photo there a few weeks ago:

Real or Artificial Christmas Tree

We took some beautiful photos of Miss H last Christmas.  I can’t wait to get to get some more this year!

What are your views? Would you rather have a real or artificial Christmas tree?




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