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[AD] Review: Breakfast With Father Christmas At Wyevale Garden Centre

Review Breakfast With Father Christmas At Wyevale Garden Centre

I was recently asked to do a Review of Breakfast With Father Christmas At Wyevale Garden Centre. When I read the invitation and it said Breakfast with Father Christmas, biscuit decorating & fun festive activities plus a special present from Father Christmas I thought what a lovely way to spend a morning!

I have to say Mr H and I were a little underwhelmed by the experience, however Miss H had a great time!

Firstly, I expected, as it said Breakfast with Father Christmas, that he would be either sat as the head of a long table or circulating the tables while people ate; in fact what happened was the big man himself made a late entry after we had all eaten; we had to sit down on a mat with cowbells after breakfast and ring them so he would he would come as he ‘got lost’. I personally think this was a little bit of a cop out & when children (particularly older ones who understand) have been promised Breakfast with Father Christmas this is what they should get!

I should mention that the breakfast was lovely & the table was decorated nicely. We had a little table in the garden centre cafe to ourselves as did the other 3 families who attended.

The ‘fun festive activities’ was basically a picture of Father Christmas to colour in at the table; unless the cowbells were included in this!

The experience with Father Christmas was good and you wasn’t ushered in and out at the speed of light like you can be in some places. Miss H got to choose her own toy afterwards and the selection looked like more expensive than the usual small book or telephone you get elsewhere so Miss H was well chuffed; she chose a box of butterfly magnets to take home and paint

We all got a cracker each on the table and had plenty of tea and coffee but I just feel the event lacked a little imagination and certainly lacked any Christmas cheer or spark. It would have been nice to use the mat as a place for the children to sit down and sing some festive songs with the elves or play some festive games.

As for the biscuit decorating this was also a bit of a let down for me as we just got one shortbread snowman, a little tube or very hard and difficult to use icing and a few smarties; not quite the biscuit decorating I had in mind; maybe we do too many craft sessions and I expected too much!

On the plus side it was nice to see Father Christmas without queuing!

Disclaimer: We were given this experience free in exchange for a blog post, all opinions are my own honest ones.

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Review: Breakfast With Father Christmas At Wyevale Garden Centre

  1. Oh dear! Atleast your little one enjoyed it! But yes..’Breakfast with Father Christmas’ should be breakfast WITH him!! #HMCapturingMoments

  2. Hahaha I would have loved to have seen pictures of Father Christmas at the head of the table, raising a glass of bucks fizz at brekkie 😉 #HMcapturingmoments

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