[AD] Safe In The Sun Equals A Happy Mum


Let’s face it, there is nothing better than watching our children running around laughing and playing with their friends, their siblings, their dog, or their imaginary pal – it’s a wonderful sound that resonates through our bodies. As a Mother, all you want is for your children to be happy, and healthy, and safe. We make it our duty to ensure it.

Now it’s the summertime, you can expect your children to want to play out a lot more than they were inside a few months ago, and that’s because the weather is finally warming up, the sun is making an appearance, and it’s drawing us all out of our shells. One thing you will want to think about though, is your children’s safety while being out in the heat. Remember that they are a lot more sensitive than we are, and so they need to take extra care and precaution to ensure they don’t get too hot or burnt.

Here are some of the best tips so you don’t have to worry.

Keep them hydrated

It is very important for us, as humans, to drink a lot of water throughout the day to keep our bodies functioning properly. But it’s even more important when we’re out in the sun – and even more important for young children! So whenever you leave the house, make sure you have a few bottles of water (or fruit juice), so that your children can top themselves up when they need to, to avoid becoming dehydrated. A good idea is to pack a small cooler box in the car, that way you can keep the drinks cold and refreshing throughout the day.

Keep them shaded

You may want to encourage them to stay in the more shaded areas when they’re playing so they don’t risk overheating as easily, but the chances of convincing them to do that are rather slim. So instead, give them a sun hat to wear. Not only will they look awesome, but it will provide them with constant shade over their head to keep it cool, covering all the most sensitive areas. Sites like have a whole collection of hats to choose from, that come in all different colours, patterns, and designs, so you can really pick something based on your little one’s unique personality.

Keep them covered

Never ever, let them go outside in the sun without some sun cream on. You can buy it in many different strengths, but when it comes to children, you should always opt for the strongest which is factor fifty. Make sure that they are covered all over, paying extra attention to the areas of the body that are exposed, like the face, ears, neck, arms, legs, and feet. Sunburn is no joke, and it hurts an awful lot, especially for little ones as their skin is a lot more sensitive, so don’t take the risk. If it’s too late, you can find some home remedies to ease the pain on So keep a bottle in your bag so you can apply more if needed throughout the day.

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