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[AD] Simple ways to encourage learning in your child!

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Learning is such an important part of childhood, helping your child to grow and develop. But what if they’re lacking in motivation? Ensure your child gets the most out of their education experience with these simple ways to encourage learning in your child.

Dedicate time for reading

Reading is one of the best ways to learn, especially for children. Not only does reading strengthen the brain, boost concentration and improve language and vocabulary, but it also helps kids develop their imagination. Promote reading by creating a space in the home that can be used as a dedicated reading area. This could be as simple as placing a beanbag chair in the corner of their room, or creating their very own reading nook – take a look at these beautiful ideas for some inspiration.

Set up a study space

Much like having a reading area, having a dedicated desk space for studying is important in order to avoid distractions and help your child focus. Pick a room without distractions such as a TV or games console. If you don’t have much room in the home, consider getting a new bed for your child’s room such as a mid sleeper cabin bed with desk. This way, they’ll be able to settle down and do their homework in a peaceful, stimulating space.

Let their interests flourish

Whether your child’s into ballet, sports, art or cartoons, make sure to encourage their interests as much as possible. If they have a fascination with animals, for example, take them to the zoo or safari park and tell them facts about each species. Visiting the museum is another great day out for kids which helps them learn about new things whilst having fun.

Focus on learning instead of performance

Teach your child that performance and grades aren’t as important as learning. Instead of asking what score they got on their test that day, ask them what they learned and encourage them to teach you their new skills. Failure to get top marks on a test can be stressful for your child if they feel judged on this, so make sure they know that it’s how much they learned that counts, and they should see education with a more positive outlook.

Celebrate their achievements

Lastly, give credit where it’s due by rewarding your child for learning. Whether this is with a ‘well done’ after your child finishes their homework, or a special treat of their favourite meal, giving them positive reinforcement is a good way to keep them motivated to continue learning.

Do you have any tips on some other ways you can encourage your child to learn?

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