[AD] The Importance of Taking Time Out To Focus On Yourself

A few weeks ago on the Blog we caught up with TV Presenter and Mind Coach Anna Williamson to talk about the importance of maternal and paternal health.

Anna gave us her top 5 tips for coping with the stress of parenting and one of those was making sure you always make time for yourself – 30 minutes a day, everyday. I have always had 30 minutes to myself here or there in the day – while Lily is at school, while Lily is in bed etc but I have never made those 30 minutes very special – in honesty they’ve just been 30 minutes wasted either spent browsing social media or watching dull tv; I watch the same shows as Mike barring Bake Off and anything song/dance related so everything in planner gets saved for when Mikes home so we can enjoy it together.

I was recently contacted by Time4Sleep, an online bed retailer, to take part in their campaign about Duvet Days. They sent me some Chamomile Tea, bed socks, an eye mask and a pillow spray. So tonight, I’m doing something completely different, In the spirit of following Anna’s advice & I am having a date – with myself! I am taking some time to focus on relaxing – sounds silly doesn’t it that we need to focus on relaxing, but the reality is we do, it takes time and effort to relax properly, but tonight, that is my goal!

I am having a Duvet Day (or night as it may be!) I have my new PJs on, my new bedding and cushions arrived this week & I have my beautiful mother’s day cushion that Lily bought me to cuddle up to! I am going to drink my Chamomile Tea, pop on my eye mask, play some spa music on my iPhone and quite simply – do nothing!

I think as busy parents we can all too quickly forget that we need time too. We need to focus on ourselves once in a while and relax.

I will most likely fall asleep in this next half an hour, tucked up under my duvet in my cosy warm bed – so it’s goodnight from me!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Time4Sleep.


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