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The Magic Of Christmas!


The Magic Of Christmas is a phrase you hear a lot at this time of year, but what does it mean? To me it means spending quality time with my family, giving and receiving presents, playing games together, watching Christmas TV & generally having a much needed rest!

I also asked some fellow bloggers what The Magic Of Christmas means to them:

  1. The magic of Christmas for me is children. Watching them waiting excitedly for Santa! Also, the joy of seeing people, getting gifts but most important spending time together. Katy, KatyKicker
  2. Christmas is all about the children to me, my mum died in October 2009 and I hated christmas, when Bear was born in 2011 it all changed, being a mum without a mum certainly puts what christmas is about. It’s about the children seeing the magic on Christmas morning and celebrating the day with family and friends. Rose, Bell and Bear
  3. The magic of Christmas is my children. Its hearing squeals on the morning when they find stockings on their door handles. It’s seeing their faces light up when they come downstairs to the living room door wrapped up. It’s seeing their eyes widen when they see the presents under the Christmas tree. It’s seeing them gaze in amazement that there’s only a carrot top and some crumbs left on Santas plate.
    But most of all, it’s seeing them sharing and spending time together playing. 
    Ashleigh, 3 Girls Mummy
  4. The magic of Christmas to me is all about family. It’s about waking up to four excited children, a flurry of wrapping paper and excited squeals, the smell of roast turkey and the chinking of glasses. It’s about looking around the dinner table at my husband, my parents and our four beautiful children and feeling so thankful for everything we have. It’s also a bitter sweet time of year in that we feel the loss of our son, Joseph, more than ever at Christmas. As happy as our Christmas’s are together, there is always that element of sadness that he can’t be with us. Laura, Five Little Doves
  5. For me Christmas brings back the memories and excitement of being a child myself. My children believing in magic and happiness is so important and so I try so hard to make it an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. I had quite an unhappy childhood and two of the only happy things from childhood that still make me smile are christmas and music so they are still big parts of my life. I have always loved giving meaningful gifts and seeing how happy people are with what I have given them.  Carly, Mumma and The Chunks
  6. For me, the magic of Christmas is all about the build up – decorating the tree, making Christmas crafts, buying gifts, wrapping presents, listening to Christmas songs, visiting Santa… It was always so exciting as a kid, and I love being able to enjoy it all again through my own daughter.  Jessica, Babi a Fi
  7. To me it is all about preparation – buying well thought through gifts, making gingerbread men, decorating the tree, drinking mulled wine, lighting up candles and spending time with your loved ones. Irina, Wave To Mummy
  8. The magic of Christmas for me is being able to act like a child and get away with it. Silly outfits, napping when I want to, stuffing my face with sweets for breakfast if I like! And of course now I have my own kids it’s even better as I have some real children to share my childlike acts with, hehe.  And the time off from work and the crackers and twinkly lights are pretty awesome too. Lauren, Mummy Is A Gadget Geek

What does the Magic Of Christmas mean to you?

  1. I love this! I recently posted about how Scientists have said that ‘lying’ yo your children about Santa is not magical but impeding on their trust wth parents? And could mentally damage them in the future? I say let the magic if Christmas live on! The imaginations, warmth and spirit of kindness and giving is what the magic of Christmas means to me and my family. I get quite emotional around this time of year as I am so thankful for what I have <3

  2. I love Christmas and everything about it. It’s all about spending quality time with the people you love and embracing all the festive cheer! I absolutely love the build up to the big day….mulled wine, mince pies, chocolate for breakfast, christmas jumpers, twinkly lights, christmas songs! I love it all.

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