The Ordinary Moments | Walking Home

The Ordinary Moments

The Ordinary Moments with Mummy Daddy Me is one of my favourite linkies!  Here is this week’s installment!

Mr H has a commute to work & we share a car; so usually me & Miss H either walk everywhere or get a bus!

Walking places means we get some much needed fresh air & exercise.  Miss H loves nothing more than a big open space that we can explore.  She prefers the local field to the park when given the choice of where to go. Of course that might well be because Nanny & Grandads house backs on the the field! She usually has a run around then visits them for a play, biscuit and drink of milk before the walk back!

This week as we were walking home there was an amazing sunset.  So we took full advantage and shot some beautiful photos on my phone.  I must start carrying my camera around with me more!

Hope you enjoy them:


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