The Perfect Roald Dahl Bedroom!

was a massive Roald Dahl fan when I was younger so as today is Roald Dahl Day I thought I would feature Pure Imagination: The Perfect Roald Dahl Children'

I was a massive Roald Dahl fan when I was younger so as today is Roald Dahl Day I thought I would feature Pure Imagination: The Perfect Roald Dahl Children’s Bedroom from Brewers Home.

Celebrating 100 years since the famous children’s author was born, and the release of the new BFG film, Brewers Home give some inspiration for children’s bedrooms in the form of their Roald Dahl collection

A child’s bedroom is a place of creativity, safety, play and above all, pure imagination. It’s important that children have a place to escape to, a place they feel reflects their interests and personality – even a place for a bit of nonsense! Many will be inspired by characters from their favourite books, and with Roald Dahl Day today, we can’t think of a better way to ignite imaginative minds than with some children’s bedroom decoration ideas, inspired by the stories themselves.

The Roald Dahl collection at Brewers Home, in the form of bedding, cushions, wallpaper and fabric designs, brings to life the characters and quotes from the much-loved books, featuring Quentin Blake’s expert illustrations. With literature inspired bedrooms, children can form their own world of pure imagination.


The bed is often the focal point of any bedroom, and it needs to be as inviting as possible to help with coaxing your little adventurers into it. The Quentin Blake illustration designs in the Roald Dahl bedding collection from Brewers Home are perfect for making bed time as exciting as possible, insighting both literary interest and a comfy place to sleep.

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Double Duvet Set (£40 from Brewers Home).


Adding those extra touches to an already Roald Dahl themed room is ideal to complete the look. Cushions are a perfect way of giving a child a more imaginative, literature-inspired space. Brewers Home offer a range of wonderful quote cushions, as well as a set of unique book cushions, with text and illustrations to the outside and inside of the cushion, acting as your child’s very own book companion for bed times.

James & The Giant Peach Cushion (£18)

Curtains & Blinds
If you don’t want to commit to something as permanent as wallpaper, curtains are a great way of introducing statement design in a room and to fuel children’s imagination at bedtime. Brewers Home will have something to suit your little one’s tastes, whether it’s Fantastic Mr Fox, Matilda, The Twits, The BFG or The Enormous Crocodile – they’re bound to find a favourite.

All fabrics £15.90 a metre from Brewers Home (£1 samples available to order online).

To view more of the beautiful Roald Dahl Collection visit:

  1. Who knew all this amazing Dahl stuff existed!

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