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GUEST POST: Things You Don’t Need In Your Maternity Bag

Hey there! I’m Amy. I blog about family, food and life in general over at Mum’s The Law ( with my husband, Wes. We’re working parents to a bouncy one year old, who we’ve come to refer to as Short Rib. We’re not sure why, but we think it’s because he’s shorter than us. We blog about everything and anything and we’d love to see you over there. Today we are guest posting for Happy Mummy on Things You Don’t Need in Your Maternity Bag.

We’re babysitting Happy Mummy while Maria is away, so I’m casting my mind back to when our little one was born to give you some well-needed advice on hospital bags.

There are so many articles online telling you what you need in your maternity bag and they are all different. I, being a first time Mum with a need to be prepared for anything, packed the lot and didn’t touch most of it. So instead of yet another list of things you need, I’ve come up with the things you don’t.


You think you will give a stuff what you look like after you’ve just had a baby? You won’t. Even if you do, no realistic amount of make up will make you look any less knackered than you are. You’ve got more important things to worry about, leave the make-up until you get home.


This is my personal preference, but apart from being too warm in the hospital anyway, I find slippers are just a massive pain in the arse. A lot of places list these as your feet can get cold in labour but just use socks. Slippers take up too much room and inevitably your feet will just get too hot in them.

Dressing gown

Dressing gowns are another thing I don’t wear for more than a few seconds at a time. After you’ve had your baby you won’t want to be tying the cord around your middle very tightly. That in turn means it will just come loose and the gown will just get in the way. If you’re really cold, put a jumper on over your nightie but a dressing gown is overkill and again, so bulky that it’s more awkward to carry it into the hospital than anything else.

Multiple electronic devices

You don’t need lots. I brought my phone, my iPad and my PlayStation Vita. It was total overkill, especially because I also brought all three chargers too. Just pick one and that one will inevitably be your phone. Your phone can do the job, even if it doesn’t do it as well. It’s just temporary and you’ll be putting it down every two minutes to just look at your baby anyway.

Disposable maternity knickers

God, why?! They’re paper knickers and they’re expensive paper knickers at that. Just buy some big, cheap knickers from ASDA or something. They’ll be less money and they have to be more comfortable than those… things. If you need to bin them, that’s fine, no big loss. If they survive the ordeal then it’s a few pairs of Bridget Jones’ pants for when comfort needs to be king. Basically a no-lose situation.

Of course, everyone is different but I packed all of these things and didn’t even touch them so if you can do without them, my advice is that you do. Let me know in the comments what you packed in your hospital bag. Would you pack them again if you had another?

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