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[AD] Time to get your garden ready for Autumn/Winter! Here are some tips to help you on your way!

Get your garden ready for winter

The weather has taken a turn for the worse & it seems that the Autumn is here already.  A lot of homeowners spend days, if not weeks, getting their gardens ready for the summer months.  They don’t seem to spend much time at all preparing them for the autumn/winter.  Today I am going to tell why preparing your garden for winter is a good idea & give you an idea of some of the garden tools you can use to make the job a little easier:

1. Invest in a Leaf Blower

Wet leaves on the ground can make your front or back pathways feel a bit like a skating rink during Autumn & Winter. Using a leaf blower is a quick and easy way to rid unwanted leaves and hopefully prevent some slips & trips.  A leaf blower is also an important tool when it comes to lawn health; leaves can gather on grass and prevent sunlight from get into it over the winter months, causing your grass to go a little bit yellow.  A leaf blower can help to prevent this.

2. Invest in a Pressure Washer

Now is the perfect time to pressure wash your front and back paved areas. Gardens get a lot of heavy use in summer and it makes sense to give them a nice thorough clean before winter.  The grime and dirt for the summer months can combine with frost and make paths more slippery to walk on during the colder months.

3. Trim Hedges

A hedge trimmer is a great tool which which can really save you a lot of time when tending to your hedges and bushes.  The start of winter is a good time to think about giving them a nice little reshape to keep the neat throughout the Autumn/Winter months and to give yourself less of a job in spring when it’s time to get your garden ready for summer. Remember, it is best to get hedges trimmed before February because birds start nesting from March onward and obviously you wouldn’t want to disturb a birds nest.

4. Give the grass it’s Winter Cut

Now is a good time to give your grass its winter cut.  Always make sure you cut the grass a little bit longer than you would in the summer. If you cut the grass too short you risk moss getting a foot hold.  Now is a great time to start looking for a bargain on a lawn mower.

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Disclosure: This post was commissioned by SGS Engineering.


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