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I have always said that we are not a typical blogging family; we don’t visit beautiful lavender fields for family photo shoots or have beautifully crafted Instagram photos (I never even edit photos or vlogs….ever!).  I love looking at other bloggers’ Instagram feeds and it is incredible what they do, but it just isn’t us.  We are a family of 3 and we are 3 huge personalities and 3 huge bundles of energy, that quite simply wouldn’t sit still long enough for traditional blogging photos!  That nearly put me off applying to be a Mark Warner Mum, because I assumed they would choose a very creative family with a beautiful looking Instagram collection.  Then I thought, well, we may not be a typical blogging family, BUT when you look at what Mark Warner holidays offer, we are very typical Mark Warner family, so I decided to throw my hat into the ring and hope and pray that they would decide to Make Me A Mark Warner Mum!

Without further ado, here is my Pinterest Top 10 Holiday Must Haves Mood Board:

 1. Activities

Whenever I find a holiday online the first question my husband asks is “What is there for me to do?”.  He would go stir crazy sitting by a pool reading a book for a week, so I always need to make sure that our holiday destinations has plenty to keep him occupied; I lovingly joke that I need an adult version of kids club to look after him for the week!  The perfect thing about Mark Warner is that they could literally babysit him all day for me, he would have a ball!

2. Kids Club

With my big kid taken care of, I now only need my toddler taken care of and then I can start my holiday!  I am very fussy about who looks after my child, but Mark Warner have been taking care of families for 35 years, they know what they are doing when it comes to childcare and they have an army of fully qualified nannies.

3. Kindle Paperwhite

With my Big kid and my little kid taken care of, it would be time for some much needed R&R, so I would sit down with my Kindle, in a spot overlooking the sea and quite literally do nothing for an hour or so.

4. Competitive sports

Time to be honest again, my husband is not the only one with ants in his pants!  I too need activities to keep me entertained.  I love reading and take my kindle on every holiday, but I only read for about an hour a day.  After that I get itchy feet and want to play some competitive games.  My favourite thing to do on holiday is rifle shooting.  Yes I know it is a very random thing for a 30 something year old female to do on holiday but I love it.  I also love any other type of competitive sports.  I see Mark Warner do a lot of tennis on their resorts.  Tennis has always been a big passion of mine, I have camped on the streets for Wimbledon tickets more times than I care to remember, but I have never in my life attempted to play.  I would love to have the chance to learn on a Mark Warner holiday!

5. Waterports

I have always enjoyed watersports, but now they come with an added bonus; watersports are the only thing I stand even a remote chance of being better at than my husband (told you we were competitive!).  I am unbeaten at both kayaking and stand up paddle boarding and would love a go at defending my water sports titles!  Neither of us have ever tried windsurfing and I notice that these are available on Mark Warner holidays so this would be an interesting challenge…I still see me winning it though.

6.  Mini Disco

When I asked Miss H what she wanted in a summer holiday, she said 2 things, swimming & mini disco.  She absolutely loves dancing and loves to end a fun packed holiday day with a little dance.  She still walks round singing and doing the actions to the club dance from our last holiday!

7.  Seaview Room

I grew up spending my childhood summers by the sea in Greece, so for me a seaview room is one of the most important holiday elements.  Miss H still naps in the day, so it will be nice while she is having a little snooze to sit on the balcony or terrace, overlooking the sea & play cards or read.  There are few things in this world as relaxing as watching the waves roll in to shore with the sun glistening down on you.

8.  Good Food

We all love our food.  It is really important to us that our holiday destination has good food and plenty of it!A holiday is not a holiday without Ice Cream, and lots of it!  There is nothing nicer than cooling down with a yummy chocolate ice cream or a banana split.

9.  Night Time Entertainment

The need for entertainment does not end when the sun goes down!  We love watching musicals & shows and all the other typical holiday evening entertainment.  We also love a good boogie on the dancefloor…or on the bar (and I don’t even drink!).

10.  Local Places Of Interest

We love to explore the area & are always on the look out for Zoos, Wildlife Parks, Dolphin Shows, Castles, Marinas and any other fun places to explore.

We think we would make a perfect Mark Warner family and I really hope that you can help to make me a. #markwarnermum

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  1. These are great essentials! Lots of entertainment & things to do! Love that your little girl wanted a mini disco! #HMCapturingMoments

  2. I agree with pretty much all of those! My husband and I are pretty competitive too but water sports are not in my favour – he totally beat me at waterskiing on our honeymoon ☹️ Good luck with your entry!! Thanks for hosting #hmcapturingmoments

  3. Whenever I look at your holiday snaps on facebook I either feel tired or giggle. It is absolutely certain that the three of you love your holidays and each other and it sounds to be that Mark Warner will be able to provide you with both time together and breathing space for yourselves and that is essential.

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