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[AD] Top 5 Garden Toys!

This time last year we were living in a flat and had made an offer on our house; we dreamed of having a garden for so long that we could not wait to fill it with toys! As summer draws to a close it has given me a chance to reflect upon our Top 5 Garden Toys! 

1.  Little Tykes Playhouse: Miss H gets hours and hours of fun from this, she usually pretends it’s her shop and we come to the counter to buy ice creams and food 🙂

2.  Little Tykes Sand and Water Table: this is brilliant for outdoor water fun and unlike a paddling pool you don’t need nice weather to use it!  I like to put bubbles in there sometimes to give Miss H a different texture to play with.

 Top 5 Garden Toys
3.  Trampoline: Miss H loves this and it’s a great way for her to burn off excess energy!

 Top 5 Garden Toys
4.  Horse Rocker: this is getting a little bit young for Miss H now but she still really enjoys playing with it!

 Top 5 Garden Toys
5.  Asda Get Go Pop Up Tunnel: Miss H absolutely loves this; it’s great to use as part of an obstacle course in the garden – another brilliant way of burning off excess energy!

 Top 5 Garden Toys


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