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Weaning – The Dream v The Reality!


I approached weaning with a sense of excitement; I was looking forward to introducing Miss H to new foods and imagined smiles and coos and a little bit of mess (you know a few specs on the high chair tray maybe and the plastic bib needing a little wipe).

More often than not what I got was a look of utter disgust, as if the meal I had spent the previous hour lovingly preparing was a trial of mealworms and fish eyes from I’m a celebrity get me out here!

As for the mess being a few tiny specs on the high chair, well that was as far from the truth as I could imagine; we had lobbed food all over the floors and walls; the kitchen often resembled the clean- up from a crime scene.

Then there’s the stains, endless amounts of clothes ruined because no matter how meticulously you done up the apron bib the baby will always find a way to manage to stuff a ton of food underneath it, so just when you thought the cleaning up was all finished you had another present awaiting you.

Then, just when you think you really have now cleaned everything there’s the side of their hair; you know the bit right by their ear where they wipe everything that’s been on their hands…so it’s off to the bath you go!

That said I still lovingly prepared daily meals, and eventually Miss H actually did start eating them; maybe the whole try something 10 times theory was right after all; now at 2 I can pretty much serve her a meal and just wipe the high chair and wash the bib!

This article was inspired by the latest research from Organix that has found that more than 55% of mums say a baby’s facial expression puts them off trying to encourage their baby to like a new taste and flavor.

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