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What’s in my handbag?


It has to be said, I found this a more intrusive question than tell me a secret!

My handbag is always bursting at the seams! I have the standard items; purse, keys, phone & I’m asthmatic so I always carry my emergency inhaler in there too.

I have a terrible nose (quite literally ?) so I am always blowing my nose – there’s always a packet of tissues in there.

As for other things that are in my handbag you could find a multitude of things on any given day! There could be drinks & sweets (I don’t like being hungry or thirsty!). I hate wet socks, so if I am going somewhere and I think my feet might get wet (like the park!) there will be a spare of socks in there; or worse still you could find the smelly wet ones ?

So there you have it, never go in a woman’s handbag – you never know what your going to find ?


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