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[AD] Willows Farm Easter Eggstravaganza Review

Lily & Benjamin from Peter Rabbit at Willows Activity Farm Meet and Greet

We were recently invited along to Willows Activity Farm near St Albans, Herts to review their Easter Eggstravaganza.  We are already huge Willows Farm fans and had such an incredible time at the Willows Farm Santa Spectacular that we really couldn’t wait to go and see what fun they had in store for Easter.

Our day started with watching a cow milking demonstration.  It was really informative and presented in a very fun way.  At the end of the demonstration the presenters showed the children the milk they had collected.  Lily’s reaction  priceless; she said “I wouldn’t drink that milk, it has come from a cow!”  It reminded me so much of when I was younger.  We used to spend a lot of time on my grandparents farm in Greece; my grandparents kept chickens and they supplied the local shop with eggs.  I used to make my grandparents go to the shop and buy the eggs for breakfast when I stayed as I refused to eat anything that came from a chicken’s bum (little did I know hey!).

Next we headed to the Peter Rabbit Theatre to watch The Peter Rabbit Show.  Lily loved the show.  Peter Rabbit was trying to hide from Mr Todd, there was plenty of singing and dancing and it was only 15 minutes long which was the perfect length of time for little ones! There are a couple of clips from the show in my YouTube video of our day out.

NOTE: The shows and activities on the daily programme re all FREE once you have paid for entry into Willows Farm.

After the Peter Rabbit show, we went to watch the Pig Racing.  It was so entertaining!  You get to place a free “bet” on the pig colour that you think will win and you get a token to prove the colour you chose.  At the end of the race all of those who guessed correctly win a little badge.  We all lost, but it was still great fun watching pigs jump over hurdles as you can see from my YouTube video of our day.

The Mr Todd Meet and Greet was next.  Lily is a HUGE Peter Rabbit fan so for Lily this was an incredible experience.

Lily Meeting Mr Todd at the Willows Farm Meet and Greet

After meeting Mr Todd we went to do the Easter Egg Hunt.  Willows have this really well set up.  You get a little bucket & have 5 different coloured Eggs to hunt and collect.  Once you have collected an Egg of each colour you can exchange it for 5 mini chocolate eggs.  Lily loved hunting for the eggs.  Last year, we did the Easter Egg hunt first and it was a bit too easy and the eggs had only just been put out so they were really easy to spot.  This time it was a lot harder and it made the hunt a lot more exciting!

Lily doing the Willows Farm Easter Egg Hunt

The good old British weather took a turn for the worse as we finished the Easter Egg Hunt it started to rain quite heavily.  We decided to go inside and let Lily (and Mike!) burn off some steam in the HUGE soft play area.  We also went to the Cotton-Tail Village.  It is great that there is still lots to do even in the rain at Willows Farm.

Lily playing in the Cotton-Tail village at Willows Farm

The weather started to brighten up a little, so we ventured back outdoors.  We headed to The Farmyard to watch the Lamb Bottle Feeding Demonstration; it was so cute watching them drink their milk (you can see a clip of it in the YouTube video).

Lily’s favourite part of the day came next; The Peter Rabbit, Lily Bobtail and Mr Todd Show.  Lily’s favourite Peter Rabbit character is Lily Bobtail and she really loved seeing her on stage.  The show was energetic and fun and Lily was dancing away!  Lily thoroughly enjoyed it.

After the show we had a ride on Tristan The Runaway Tractor.  The ride was bumpy, but great fun!  We got a great view of some of the animals in the fields.

A Bull in the fields at Willows Farm

Lily Bobtail had her own show next; so of course that was our next activity!  It was great fun and had some brilliant musical numbers which Lily loved.  Lily copied every dance move and loved it.

Benjamin Bunny meet and greet was next.  Lily loved seeing Benjamin it was one of the highlights of the day for her.

Lily loved the fact that the activity schedule revolved around Easter & Peter Rabbit!  It was her perfect day out, in fact, she cried as we left bless her as she didn’t want to leave.  As sad as it to see your child cry, its lovely thinking that they are crying because they have had such an incredible experience.

Disclosure: We were given our tickets to Willows Farm free in exchange for an honest review.


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