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*CLOSED* Win A Frozen Toy Bundle | Siblings Reach For The Stars

Win A Frozen Bundle

Research commissioned by Disney to celebrate the film ‘Frozen’, which focusses on the relationship between sisters Anna and Elsa has concluded that:

• First born children most likely to reach for the stars as astronauts or scientists and engineers according to a new study on siblings.

• Middle children most likely to rule the roost at work and become Olympians

• Youngest children most likely to become composers, only children are destined for the arts.

The research paper, commissioned to celebrate the close sibling relationship between Anna and Elsa in Disney’s film ‘Frozen’, was led by psychologist Emma Kenny who found significant evidence to support the theory that birth order has a tangible and marked effect on career paths.

The order children are born has been found to have a significant impact on whether they’re destined to be a company CEO, astronaut or scientist according to a new study released today by Disney. A team of statisticians analysed a random sample of over 500 of the most successful individuals from 11 different career groups to identify statistically significant patterns and much like Anna and Elsa, found that often siblings can have very different destinies.

Key amongst the findings was that middle-born children are 30% more likely to become company CEOs than their siblings. The results suggest that fighting for attention as a middle child contributes to a tendency for personality traits such as competitiveness, flexibility and diplomacy, leading to high flying roles which require tactful thinking and high levels of management like those of Mark Zuckerberg, Lord Alan Sugar and Bill Gates.

Growing up as an only child was also found to significantly impact career paths, the perfectionist and mature personality traits of only children appears to make them more likely to choose careers as artists such as LS Lowry and Edward Burne-Jones (181% higher than would be expected).
Anna Hill, Chief Marketing Officer at Disney comments: “Frozen’s Anna & Elsa are two iconic siblings Disney is celebrating, with this research we seek to acknowledge the positive differences between siblings and the strong and lasting influence they have on one another.”
Psychologist Emma Kenny comments: “The research conducted over the last month has shown that birth order is a significant factor in determining employment role types between siblings – overall there are far more typical cases than exceptions. As with Disney's film Frozen, the destiny of two siblings can be very different, however all siblings have an innate bond which should be celebrated.”
Disney’s smash hit Frozen film celebrates the relationship between princesses Anna and Elsa, two sisters with vastly different personality traits and champions a new kind of true love story between two siblings.

Happy Mummy has teamed up with Disney & Hasbro to give one lucky reader the chance to win a Frozen Toy Bundle.

The bundle includes:

1 x Classic Fashion Anna
A free spirit, Anna is fiercely loyal, determined, and courageous and she comes wearing her beautiful travel dress inspired by the one in the movie! What soaring songs might little dreamers imagine Anna singing while she’s dressed in her beautiful gown? What sparkly, snowy creations might they imagine her sister Elsa (sold separately) whipping up with her ice powers? With Anna and her friends (each sold separately), the possibilities for whimsical winter fun are as vast as the snow in Arendelle. Friendship, adventure, love, joy — it’s up to little imaginations to dream up a kingdom’s worth of magical moments!

Win A Frozen Bundle

1 x Musical Lights Elsa
With the Musical Lights Elsa doll, girls can sing along to her inspirational, iconic song from the movie, Disney’s Frozen, and see enchanting and sparkling lights! Your little dreamer can push the doll’s torso to hear her sing “Let It Go” as her dress lights up and sparkles. In her beautiful, movie-inspired dress, girls can imagine magical, wintry scenes from Arendelle. Your child will love singing and dancing along as Elsa sings her now-classic, inspirational anthem.

Win A Frozen Bundle

1 x Classic Fashion Elsa
Poised and graceful, Elsa has a heart that is bigger than she knows. Imagine snowy adventures in Arendelle with this Elsa fashion doll from Disney’s Frozen. She comes wearing her beautiful snow queen gown, just like in the movie! Girls will love playing out their favorite scenes, as well as imagining their own adventures with Elsa.

This really is the perfect giveaway for any Frozen fan.

Terms and Conditions:

Competition closes 31/5/17. 1 winner will be chosen at random. Entrants must be over 18 and be based in the U.K.

Win A Frozen Bundle

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